Awesome flash of sanity amongst the craziness going on at the moment, thanks for posting.

I think the lesson we are learning as a species is that profit is the real addictive drug at the heart of everything, we just cant get enough, even when the thing being profited on is death, not only of us, but of our planet and all living things on it, all we seem to be able to think of, is how to profit by it.

That was a really interesting observation, of satire becoming reality, it might also be said of religion, which also seems to be becoming a reality.

Also interesting that around the time you’ve focused on, 1900 or thereabouts, Nikola Tesla was being de-funded from his efforts to bring us free solar power for all people, and something very similar to the internet.

Then followed two profit driven wars with the development and use of nuclear weapons, and finally in “peacetime”, the internet, and here we are writing to one another in Medium.

There is a different way this time, than going to war, maybe that is breaking through, when we see free money generated by the sun being given for free, leading to a donation economy, sourced from the energy of the sun, maybe we are starting to see the light, and finally moving towards stage 1 of the Kardashev scale.

I like to think it is, as I am an optimist, it is actually incredibly exciting.

Besides, the damage being done to all things is progressive, not cyclic, this is our last chance, as a species, to give up profit, and reap the benefits as a species reborn.


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