At last, an article from a mainstream media entity that acknowleges the scale of the root source of the very problem afflicting itself, as well as all of us, thanks for posting.

“So far…” in the paragraph above is key.

Capitalism does indeed seem to dragged us out of dark ages, in the same way that a dose of powerful stimulant might temporarily boost the performance of a flagging athlete, but now we are seeing some awful consequences, that if allowed to continue to conclusion, will see us kill our entire planet, and ourselves as a species.

This addiction needs to be treated as a live thing, that morphs as it needs to, to keep us under its spell, to plunge us into a new dark age, one that is fatal, not only for us, but for itself too.

It is going to take something very special to break it. Our elective democratic systems are no longer working.

But luckily, we seem to have the reqired technology.


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