Assuming the Brexit vote was not hacked, the result was the populace expressing its dissatisfaction with govt, including that of EU. Yesterday’s result interpreted as a whopping defeat for May might be exactly what she wanted.

It could be interpreted as completely exposing the vast majority in parliament as being anti-democratic; they seem to wish to derail the wish which was expressed by the original vote of the people, with minimal consultation with the populace.

They have their own reasons for that as ambitious politicians. If one is realistic, and experienced, we know there is no such thing as a quick clean divorce, especially when money is involved, so the only thing that can be done is to turn and walk away, with no deal, if we really want out. So you could interpret the situation right now as going exactly to May’s plan. If nothing changes, we will be out without a deal. Do we really want out? No-one is asking us anyway.


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