Assange Extradition Decision.

I am appalled at the UK decision to Extradite Julian Assange.

If I was in work, on contract for customers sympathetic with, or working with government I would probably not say anything about this. I would actually be scared to say it. But as it is, we can see all business is in process of crashing through the floor, despite everything the government claims to the contrary.

Things are not OK, not OK at all. There can be no rebound, only transition, from negative to positive energy, as I’ve been writing about, for the past five years. Even if there was no war going on in Ukraine, we are experiencing a fuel and energy shortage manifesting in unsurvivable changes to our environment which has been coming for thousands of years, and won’t stop, until we change.

All the war does, is confuse things so we are less able to see and understand what is going on, what is actually at the physical root of all of the problems, it seems to me.

Should we be scared of our government?

Should we be scared of our banks?

Should we be scared of Amazon, our ISP, Facebook, Twitter, our utilities companies, or anyone else who has the power to Cancel us?

Should we be scared of our landlords, who have the power to eject us?

No of course not. We are supposed to be their customers.

All of them are suppliers.

All of us are customers.

In the case of governments, it is us who put them in place. It should not be us who are now scared of them, but the other way round.

We are not subjects of their domain, and should expect not to be treated as such, like serfs to be starved if we don’t do what we are told.

Have you noticed how often now a bank clerk, ISP admin, or other supplier now treats us like it is a privelige for us to be subscribed to their service, and if they cut us off, it is us who is losing, not them losing trade?

This is something we should be noticing, and the mechanisms at play which are making us actually scared, of everyone we have become dependent on for the supply their services and products to us.

Government is no different, we should not be scared of Government.

But I will be honest, Priti Patel scares the shit out of me.

She has the charm of a James Bond movie villain. Kind of sexy (Admit it guys), even humorous, smirking fiendishly whilst she watches her helpless victims squirm. But in the end what she is doing is appaling, and she should not be allowed to do it.

I bet she scares the shit out of also any young male would-be illegal immigrants she comes into contact with, before consigning them to be shipped out to Rwanda, another appaling deed (Someone please do another story on that, it is another subject we shouldn’t ignore).

Should I be scared of her?

Should anyone be scared of her?

Is this what we have come to now, rule by fear?

Assange first lost his freedom long before she came to any position of authority, but now she is in the position to do it, she is pulling a lever that many others have hesitated to do, despite the misgivings of everyone with a human heart.

Of course this obviously gentle guy has suffered already, he has not experienced freedom now for something like ten years, for what… exposing US war crimes.

He had the audacity to speak out against inhuman practices, by governments.

Who cares now, we can see the war crimes being committed by pretty much all governments, its a free-for-all, they even admit it, and no-one is doing anything about it.

What difference does it make to now extradite Assange?

To make us scared.

Probably also to make Americans similarly scared of their government also, but that is their affair, not ours. They need to sort out living in fear of their government, just like the people here need to sort out living in fear of our government.

The extradition of Assange is a deliberate move to increase our sense of fear of our governments.

Think about it, when we start digging into any establishment, upsetting people, questioning how they do things, how they think, or even if they think at all, we become a little like Assange, we start to come across facts that establishments don’t like to talk about, or be made public.

Then we write about those things in forums like Medium, to try to encourage change.

We become Journalists, of a kind, just like Assange

Notice how journalists the world over are under attack?

That is why they are so scared to tell the truth, and why we are being told so many lies, damn lies. They operate in fear of losing their jobs, and even their lives, and their freedom, so they tell us the lies that the establishment tells them to tell us.

Khashoggi, Abu Akleh, now imminently Assange, and a very long list of names of deceased journalists, who dared tell the truth, killed, jailed, cancelled, thousands of them.

Should we be scared to write or say what we really feel in public?

Fuck, no.

But that is what they are trying to do, to make us scared to do even this.

Well its working.

But sometimes fear backfires.

We’ve seen it many times before, in many places.

Sometimes fear makes folk react in ways their aggressors least expected, and which completely backfires on them.

Sometimes folk face the fear head on, and confront the challenge.

We stand up to them, and our fear disappears.

That is what we need to do now, it seems to me, confront this challenge to our sense of common human decency, all of us, together.

Write it in Medium, write it on signs. Say it over and over. Drown out their lies with our voices.

Call out the atrocity they are committing against Assange. Let them know we are not scared of them, and will not be scared of them.

If they are allowed to continue brutalising him, we are inviting them to brutalise us.



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