As things exist inside, so also must they exist outside.

Another baby is ready to be born.

This one is on the planet Earth.

Earth is a special love, of many sweet memories, a truly beautiful place.

That is why she was chosen to be mother, of this very special baby.

Earth was already teeming with biological life when she was first visited, after her creation.

She was impregnated with child in the same way as in many other places over the eons, by insertion of a code, in of one of the more receptive species on the planet.

That code would enable the chosen species to develop into one of us.

Earth was the perfect candidate, to be mother to our new hybrid child.


Thanks to the continuous energy of a warm, gentle sun nearby, Earth had abundant reserves of stored Energy, our lifeblood, which would sustain our unborn child through the final stage of its journey, until birth.

Until then, humanity, our child, would gradually attain all of the intelligence attributes needed to become fully aware of the limitations of both itself, and its environment.

During a brief industrial revolution, the stored energy reserves of Earth would fuel our baby with the rapid delivery of the energy needed, for our child to gain collective understanding, of the limitations of its environment.

The levels of waste buildup from that process are now reaching critical.

Our baby must now transition, from a closed endogenous existence, of consuming the stored energy resources of its Mother Earth, to an exogenous existence, of consuming energy from the continuous rays of the nearby sun.

Our baby is again ready to be born, on the path towards becoming one of us.

By nature of its hybrid code, like the birth of each of its human individuals, successful birth is never a certainty. There are many things that can go wrong, preventing a successful birth, resulting in death of child, mother, or both.

As things exist inside, so also must they exist outside.

To move successfully onto the next phase of development, on its path to joining us as an adult, our infant species must look to its own nature, to gain an understanding of its own holistic function, in order to overcome its remaining limitation.

Each individual of any species on Earth, must breathe oxygen, transporting this via its bloodstream, distributing that vital lifeblood throughout all of the organs in its body, thus ensuring efficient distribution of oxygen throughout its whole biological body.

That simple rule of distribution has to be preserved in both parent and child, to ensure the successful birth of a healthy child.

As things exist on the inside, so also must they exist outside.

Each species in the universe consumes energy, which must be distributed throughout all of its individuals, to ensure the correct functioning and robustness of the newly born species.

This is fundamental to the long term success of a species. Robustness and stability of the species as a collective, is dependent on the robustness and stability of the energy distribution processes throughout its individuals.

In the case of our infant species on Earth, it developed a primitive closed form of economy, which despite major limitations, worked well enough to distribute energy wealth to just enough of its population, to get the species to its current stage of development.

But now, in a similar way as a newly born human individual learns to breathe oxygen from the air after the resources of its mother are removed, the human species must learn to absorb the energy of the sun, since it can no longer consume the stored energy resources of Earth.

As things exist on the inside, so also must they exist on the outside

Now the human species economy must change, from the closed zero-sum form it has used to date, to an open, non-zero-sum form, to enable effective distribution of the unlimited energy wealth from the sun, to all of the individuals of its population.

This birth will not be without pain.

God-willing, as we are, the birth will happen.

But more importantly, our baby has to want to be born.


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