As long as it represents only capital of Earth, there is a problem, because that is finite, and we are consuming it, of course the planet is starting to burn, with us on it.

So enforcing scarcity; the whole premise of “good investments” is a pretty messed up idea.

That is the thing missed by most Bitcoiners it seems to me, as they are only in it in search of something that will remain scarce, which will increase their capital gain advantage.

Does it occur that all of that is ending all of life?

Not yet, evidently.

And yet Bitcoin now has at its input a large quantity of energy from sunlight, the off-world infinite thing that created all capital, everything we know, and which can create infinitely more.

Bitcoin is the beginning of money-as-sunlight, which should never be limited, as there is no practical limit to the energy of the sun, but as Bitcoin is limited, and the number of people it can be allocated to; our population, also is limited, therefore the amount held by anyone may remain constant whilst still retaining its value, it uniquely represents a quantity of solar energy available for creating wealth, including money by proof of work tokens. So it is the authorised gateway between the energy of the sun, and the many unlimited cryptos which inevitably follow, that can be used for every day transactions.

That explains why the issue of massive stimulus now results in the value of issued currrency going up, not down as expected from conventional controlled scarcity economics.

Sooner or layer this has to be realised, no-one sees any value in being burned on our planet; sooner or later the money taps, crypto or otherwise, have to be turned on, and left on.




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Frederick Bott

Frederick Bott


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