Are the Crypto-punks, the Solar-punks, and the Banks Uniting?

2020 was a big year. But was it just the tip of an iceberg of change, to happen in 2021?

Frederick Bott
5 min readDec 25, 2020


So 2020 was a big year.

The biggest in thousands of years, I would argue.

It wasn’t the best of experiences for most of us.

I saw many of my own “achievements” and ambitions dashed, by a chain of events no-one could have predicted.

And I know the same applies to the majority of people.

But do I feel bad?

No, I feel great.

Not because I had a minor unexpected upturn at the end of 2020, but because it looks to me like we are on the cusp of a real brave new world, one that really will put us on the road to Utopia, in 2021.

If you watch *Max Keiser*, you will know a little about him, and his views on the financial system, Banks, and Bitcoin.

I won’t provide links to the more controversial sources mentioned in this article, for the usual reasons, interested readers just have to *Google*, to verify or learn more.

You might agree with his views or not, but either way, his shows are usually quite entertaining, and he is someone I would absolutely identify as a Crypto-punk.

The latest, aired on Xmas eve, devoted the whole show to an interview with Abe Cambridge of Solar Exchange.

Max affectionately identified Abe as a “Solarpunk”.

That was the first I’ve heard that term, but I guess I like it.

So much so, that today, Xmas day, in addition to writing this story, I’ve changed my Medium bio to “Solarpunk”, since the definition of it seems to fit me perfectly.

“Solarpunk focuses on craftsmanship, community, and technology powered by solar energy, wrapped up in a coating of Art Nouveau blended with African and Asian aesthetics.”

Adapted from a definition given on

So there on Max’s Xmas eve show, we saw Cryptopunks and Solarpunks united, and it was pretty damned cool, in my opinion.

Whilst I think Abe missed the mark a little, by identifying solar as the “cheapest form of energy on the planet”, and worse, a kind of “Renewable energy”, the discussion was mostly around the fascinating topic of solar powered crypto-coin minting, i.e, Bitcoins generated from solar power, and how Abe’s business works to enable investors to leverage that, whilst benefiting often poorer folks in places suited to solar power collection.

Another topic Max has raved about recently, is how many Banks, and Bank associated investment figures, and other institutional investors are now turning towards Bitcoin.

It looks like the Banks are moving from Gold, to Bitcoin, as their new safe-haven of choice, probably driven by the obvious pandemic associated financial crisis.

Hardly anyone is continuing to pretend that things will ever return to normal.

Profitability has all but dried up, for everyone but the largest of businesses, who for sure also will be seeing massively shrinking markets.

Capitalism, appears to be imploding.

So maybe Banks are finally starting to question their business models, looking instead to the other-wordly magic of solar powered free money, to see how they might fit into this new paradigm.

The thing to note about solar powered money, that I think was missed by both Max and Abe, is that it comes from off-planet.

It is a source of wealth which is explicitly added to existing money stocks on Earth.

Rather than wealth generated from planetary resources, by our ingenuity, greed, or whatever, it is externally sourced wealth donated to our world, from an off-world source.

No-one can question the value of power from the sun, since it is after all, the sole source of creation of eveything we know in all history.

Now we see it being directly converted to Bitcoins, which are obviously valuable.

And solar power is infinitely scaleable, since scaling up to any capacity can be done by using a little of the donated wealth itself, to power the implementation of more solar infrastructure.

What all this means is that already, money can be given for free, without depleting value.

The cage of Earth, as we’ve experienced it to date, now effectively has a tube, feeding a continuous stream of food, into it.

That is a solid, physical, fundamental reason explaining why, when the first massive stimulus was issued, the dollar value went up, not down.

This is not to be confused with MMT, though that also seems to have some bearing, which is where the banks fit in.

As long as freely issued money does not outstrip the value being pumped into the economy by solar, freely issued currency values will be propped up, by business created by stimulus.

So, as solar energy infrastructure increases, so also does the amount of free money that can be issued without risk of damage to the currency value.

MMT explains how stimulus works initially, but it does not explain how it can be maintained.

It can be sustained simply by scaling up solar energy.

At last, we are seeing an alternative, to always “trading”.

Now, we are seeing a way to just receive, and pass on what we don’t need.

That, is a whole new ball-game, a game of plenty, as opposed to the zero-sum game of scarcity that we’ve been playing to date.

How exactly do the banks fit into that?

Banks provide an elastic currency generating mechanism, that can be used to bootstrap the economy via money issued in MMT, stimulating business, until enough free energy is being received from the sun, to implement hard digital currencies directly corresponding to solar energy received.

It can be argued that all human debt is actually debt to our planet, for resources taken from it which were put there in the first place for free, by the sun.

In which case the only thing that can pay that debt back down is solar energy.

So the banks could transfer all human debt to an IOU to our planet.

Then further free money issued adds to the IOU, whilst solar wealth is subtracted from it.

That will serve to drive massive implementation of solar energy, around the world.

All humans may finally be united towards that goal.

As to government, innovation, and all manner of things, people trading in markets with sustainable free money are no longer trading, but donating, to the things they see as valuable in the world.

2021 could be the year we see humanity finally united, for the first time in thousands of years.

I certainly hope so, and will raise a glass to that.

I hope you will too, and that includes you, Mr Banker, assuming you’ve seen the light, and will now pitch in accordingly.

Here’s to us and wha’s like us.

Bring on the new world, in 2021.