Applauding Wales For Their Basic Income Trial

Folk who’ve been following my stuff in Medium will know I am a firm believer in UBI, and my reasons why.

It is inevitable.

To recap, we are now receiving free product in the form of Joules from the sun, the only known source of energy, and putting that into our human economy.

Granted it isn’t much yet, compared with the amount we use from fossil fuels, but it is underestimated due to much of it being done under the tax radars of most governments, and undervalued due to our obsession with energy as capital.

We understand there is massive world debt, but not many of us admit yet that our debt is actually an energy deficit to our planet, directly representing the energy we have taken from it.

Some of us see our planet as simply a giant battery which is trickle charged from the sun, and that is about right.

There is only one energy, it isn’t renewable, it all comes from the sun.

The only way we can pay the debt back down, is to use the energy of the sun.

That means we need to start putting energy standards on money, a number of Joules per token, like we used to do with gold.

That done, we will see that we can issue money on the solar energy received from the sun, and by doing that, we will maximise the value of the token.

That is the reason, it seems to me, we saw the dollar going up, and oil prices going negative, when $4Tn stimulus was issued in the US, early in the pandemic.

The world economy is no longer a closed box.

By the ideals of Austrian Economics, we must issue money to reflect the energy received and being put to use from the sun, whether it is simply to charge a humble rooftop water heater, or to power an industrial solar furnace, or to create endless streams of clean hydrogen fuel, we should be issuing money to reflect that product.

So to those in Wales who are responsible for devising the scheme to pay 18 year old care-leavers £1,600 per month, three cheers to you. It isn’t perfect but we had to start somewhere, and where better than those from whom we’ve most effectively robbed a secure future.

They have already earned it from anxiety alone.

If you organisers need some ammo to fire back at old-school critics claiming you/we/they can’t afford it, why not tell them it is “Kardashev Money”.

See what they have to say in response, if anything, it always delights, watching intelligence dawning.

Since we started using solar energy, Kardashev Money has been a real, physical thing, provable, but largely ignored, until now.



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