Apologies, the device I am using does not easily enable responding to all of your points in one passage, but I am doing what I can, as I see value in our exchange.

Where, exactly, does your figure of 1.25% come from?

If this was a figure set by crowd power, or even Ai, it is highly unlikely such a convenient ratio would be settled on. It would be cool if you can explain exactly why that particular ratio.

In truth, I don’t see your idea as logically incorrect, it might well work in theory, but first you have to get the agreement with all authorities.

That looks like an almost impossible expectation to me.

Whereas, we can see the action of free money in markets already.

You are the first to seriously try to logically challenge the things I’ve written about free money, with the things you write, but as you pointed out, criticism is much needed to solidify ideas, so I still appreciate our interaction.

You should remember we discussed in the past where I wrote my guess the ultimate free money will be crypto, which I hope you know would be fair, so actually I have made several proposals to “fairly” generate money for all, so your allegation there is not true.

But actually it doesn’t matter, if we really believe in free markets and democracy.

Losing, or undermining confidence in the spirit of democracy is not a reasonable reaction to a system which did not deliver it, it is the system which is broken, not our requirements of it (Or our spirit!)

All people should have absolute freedom in life, I hope you agree.

Without freedom, humans cannot generate value. I hope you agree with that too.

Humans are what defines value. I trust you agree there also.

Of course there is no ideal solution, the real solution is that valued most highly, by most humans.

In genuine democracy, people are truly free to choose.

Free markets are how we make that choice. That is the manifestation of democracy.

Assets are an instrument, which corrupts and subjugates all in the current system.

In the zero-sum, or controlled scarcity economy, all assets are built at the expense of some humans or another.

That means pretty much everyone is both corrupted and subjugated to some degree or another, as almost everyone has assets of some kind or another, whether they like it, or even know it or not.

Those with excess assets live in fear that one day they will lose them. Those with not enough live in fear of dying.

The end result is that all live in fear of dying to some degree of another, and all are driven in life by fear, to gain or maintain capital.

Most people are not even aware their own whole part in the subjugation.

For example, does your own knowledge belong to you as an individual, or to humanity as a collective?

If you consider it is yours alone, then you are using it as an asset, intentionally withholding it from other humans, i.e. scarcifying it. Yet, our individual knowledge is built on the knowledge of all other humans, inluding all sweat, blood, tears, and lives lost, both past and existing.

This is just one example of how we unconsciously set artificial value on assets by selfishly claiming possession of things, scarcifying them from all others.

Anything we can scarcify is used as a weapon against our fellow humans.

Can you see this is the pure essence of colonialism?

Of course the bad stuff in markets is still going on, because assets still largely have value, therefore almost all are still weaponised.

Devaluing assets rather than cash, levels the playing field.

And the value of the cash is set in the markets by free money, rather than what the bankers might wish it to be.

They appear to have lost control of that, as long as we can see free money is more valuable than assets.

My understanding of the condition of spectrum, which we touched on in the past, might explain why some will have more difficulty than others to be able to see this clearly.

Unfortunately, that condition appears to be on the rise, however, it is surely not enough to overcome sheer networked people-power.

To be able to see it clearly, we need to be able to empathise with all people. We need to be able to mentally put ourselves in their shoes.

Anyone struggling with the idea that trading in markets with free money is anything other than beneficial should swallow their pride for just a second, and give it a go, with some truly free money. Ask yourself what you wish to achieve, by spending free money in markets.

Anything is possible, if it is there to be voted on, including proposed systems of money generation.

In the future, the credibility of all people and all organisations will be there to be voted on, setting their rewards in life, and that will be something really, really cool.

That is the world that youngsters like my daughter will be very happy to live their lives in; truly free, with no fear.


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