Another great post on the new Facebook token Mike, telling us some more things we didn’t know about it, thanks for posting.

The non profit foundations approach seems to have some promise, and it looks like some etherealesque programmability is planned, so even if the central currency is pegged and controlled in value, the same might not be said for user tokens that might be built on its back, so potentially, each user could have their own non-pegged token.

That could be one of the keys which could open the final door to universal basic production, i.e. potentially unlimited wealth for all people. Perhaps Facebook could deliver what was intended by VRENAR after all; a non-profit “lossless” crowd driven value platform, enabling all users to monetise their own valuable human information. Wowza.

Exciting times indeed.

The only thing missing now is the crowd driven non-profit open source companion ai assistant per user, needed to impartially provide each user with the best possible information to maximise their value in the new eco system. But it seems like now that could be not so far off either, with potential contenders in many open source ai projects.

Keep up the good work!


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