Another cool view of some of the issues we face, around fixing the economy, thanks for posting.

Here is my own opinion:

Something we maybe miss, when we try to focus on who might be to blame for the problems we see, is our own part.

I have no doubt at all that the stories of JP Morgan and co-conspiratorial bankers are all pretty much true.

But in the end, we let them do it.

We are still letting them do it.

That was the real secret weapon they used, and continue to use.

They knew we would let them do it.

They still know it.

It required, and continues to require our participation.

Trump came close to blowing the real secret wide open, by telling everyone exactly what he was doing, whilst he filled his boots.

He simply showed everyone what they too would probably do, if maybe not so blatantly, if we were in his shoes. We too would fill our boots to some extent, given the power, just like everyone else given the power to do so has done, to a greater or lesser degree, throughout the ages, no matter how much they might have tried to present it as anything other than just greed.

The simple wish to have more than someone else, further down the tree of privilege, to take more than our own fair share.

He showed it without shame.

The real problem seems to be that we are incredibly good at denying it, especially to our own selves.

The elites know this very well, and that quality in us, the thing that makes us wish we had what they have, is what makes it possible for their plans to work.

Investments only work because other people wish they had them.

Controlled scarcity only works because we even wish we could just take what others have, at their expense, depriving them of what they have.

We wish we could just take the material wealth from the elite, depriving them of it.

As long as we can keep denying to ourselves that this is what is driving us ourselves, nothing will change, and that is what will destroy us as a species, if we can’t move on from it.

To move on from it, we have to want to stop practicing controlled scarcity.

That is the wish to gain at the expense of others.

That is the simple wish to profit.

That is the vital structural element which supports the whole tree, the very material that the tree is made from, the tree that we all climb up in the pursuit of power, the power to fill our boots, at the expense of others if necessary.

There is a simple way to end scarcity.

I’ve written a fair bit about that.

It is an Engineering solution to the problem. the only solution, as far as I can see.

But we have to want it, for it to happen.

We have to want to see the end of scarcity.


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