Andy thanks for your constructive reply. I am definitely not the polititian, so guess I might hover between the other two.

I am not precious about who or what gets credit for it, other than it can’t be at profit.

I believe with that honoured, there can and will only ever be one solution, with inputs from many sources working in collaboration.

Why would anyone wish to compete for, or wish to retain ownership of something which in the end, is the ultimate free giveaway?

If multiple systems appear offering what seems to be the same thing, folk will follow the money, to the one offering the highest rewards in return for the least outlay (or sacrifice) on their part.

Several systems might need to be tried, to arrive at the final solution.

I don’t believe this is contrary to the interests of big business either, but complementary, as it would provide big business with the ultimate market of consumers with disposable income.

I trust I am not creating it myself, at least not entirely.

It would be great to get hands-on coding help from other folk maybe with cryptocurrency coding experience, who actually enjoy that task, and believe in the outcome enough to sacrifice some of their valuable time on it, but so far, I am not aware of any.

So for the moment, I spend what time I can on it, but the development is very inefficient and painfully slow, as so far, as the system requirements have continued to evolve, I’ve spent more time exploring and learning relevant technologies than actually implementing.

The ultimate is something like VRENAR, which I see as the full blown complex system, and which I maybe naively thought at first would attract a high level of understanding and support, but which has not, so far.

So now, it has been condensed down into the smallest possible seed, that I might implement worst case with no other hands-on coding help, but which could naturally grow to include all of the functionality of VRENAR.

Though the functionality of the outcome is pretty much unchanged, the evolving system would probably be best renamed, to avoid confusing folk who might start out as users with no interest or understanding of VR or AR technology.

Personally, I am happiest as an anonymous creator in virtual environments, a necessary therapeutic break there from from the harsh realities of the “Real world”, but also finding the inspiration and strength to keep chipping away at the real world problem.

In essence, I think all we need as a species, is an efficient mechanism which teases out and rewards all humans directly for their creativity, because all humans are creatives, in one way or another.

With that in place, we will be invincible, in harmony with one another, and our environment, individually finding our maximum potential whilst working together to quickly move onto doing all of the things we’ve previously imagined as impossible “Science fiction”.

That would obviously be a much better world for kids like my daughter, who I can see are all creators too, but for whom I worry a lot about the future as things stand.

I hope that clarifies things for you?


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