Andrei, thanks for posting, I agree with your observations and find it an interesting and really important topic also.

Conventional modern (profit driven) scientists indeed seem intent to bury the historical association of religion and science.

It is something I’ve wondered about for a long time, and believe it to be incredibly damaging to both religion and science.

How can one have meaning without the other?

We are starting to see the reality of the idea of profit itself being something far more insidious, with more negative effects than most individuals realise.

It is almost like a live thing which lives amongst us in society without us even being aware of its negative effects. Those are especially relevant to your stories, as we can see, the profit monster has a tendency to cover it’s tracks, by rewriting history.

When we start to see it, it becomes difficult to un-see it.

From there, we see religion and science fall into two categories.

One can be practiced for profit.

The other can’t.

We might see in some cases where religion arguably is used for profit, but then, it is no longer religion, just business.

So the profit monster has stripped off the part it does not need.

Profit driven society has no use for genuine religion.

That is actually a threat to the profit monster.

So history is rewritten, over time, to look like science only started when religion was stripped off, with the “Enlightenment”.

But logically, science was used to try to answer questions of religion with the best of intent, seeking deeper understanding of the messages left to us by higher intelligence.

Knowing that makes us question the history of profit, which leads to questioning profit itself.

Then we start to question what we might have missed out on, since we stopped carrying out the scientific enquiry of religion.

For anyone beginning on this path of realisation, to get an idea of how much we’ve lost, we only need to think of the infinity of ideas of all the people who have been killed or not even born, in the name of profit, throughout history, which could have benefitted humanity, and we start to realise the scale of the loss; it is staggering.

In fact, we should be surprised we have made any progress at all as a species.

The Enlightenment might one day become known as the Endarkenment instead.


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