And there were Muslims fighting for the U.S. until very recently (Kurds), against other Muslims (Isis). Now they are left by the U.S. to fight yet more Muslims (Turks), fighting alongside even more Muslims (Syrians), and the Russians. All the while, Europe and the U.S. is allied with even more Muslims (Saudi Arabia), helping to exterminate even more Muslims (Yemenis), whilst training even more Muslims (Pakistanis), to fight (*gasp*) more Muslims (Taliban)… then there is Libya, Iraq, and Iran, all of whom have been allied with the U.S. and Europe at some time or another…

So the point of your story is…?

It seems to me that the point of your story is to insidiously foment anti-muslim sentiment.

Dehumanising other humans on account of religion, by propaganda.

This is the very same thing as Hitler himself and his followers did.

So what does that make you?


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