An incredibly valuable COVID study is being covered up.

We’ve seen that a large bracket of society are resisting the move towards 100% vaccination.

Is 100% vaccination even really possible?

In truth we don’t know, we’ve never seen it in all of history.

And we can’t forget that behind it all, who seems to benefit most from the blanket issue of vaccines, are the shareholders of the companies developing and distributing the vaccines.

Big Pharma.

Questioning it seems pretty unpopular, but my writings are already pretty unpopular, so I will give it a go anyway, by pointing out something potentially incredibly valuable being ignored, and even in danger of being completely covered up, wiped from the course of history, like so many other valuable things, by the drive for profit.

The control group of the voluntarily unvaccinated should be viewed as valuable.

They are valuable, because they are volunteering to take their chances against the virus, unaided.

They are volunteering their antibodies to tackle the virus unaided.

So, if we really want to show the power of the vaccine, we should be allowing those who wish to, to volunteer to be guinnea pigs, and we should be studying the antibodies of those volunteers, to see exactly how they are reacting to the virus, as it mutates.

By ignoring the wishes of that control group of people who are effectively willing to risk their lives, we are ignoring that the interests of that group are actually in the interests of our species, to know the full truth about the virus, which is surely information needed to create a true antidote in the form of a fully effective vaccine, which truly tracks all variants

We are also ignoring the possibility that in some people, the natural action of their antibodies unaided, might actually be very effective in the longer term, in the battle to eliminate the virus.

We have no idea how many people have had, and shrugged off the virus unaided, and how their natural protection now compares with those who have had vaccines.

Such a study would cost money, which, in the current economic system would seem to detract from profits.

(My usual subject in Medium is how to change the problematic profit-driven economy, anyone interested can research more there)

The only reason we are ignoring this, is because in the current anti-life economic paradigm, the only possible consequence in terms of profit, of not ignoring it, are impacts to profits.


Update 03/12/2021: I posted a related, informational story to this one on COVID a week or so ago, but now can’t find it. That is a first in my experience of writing 221+ stories and over 3000 replies in Medium, I don’t remember ever completely losing one before, it appears in neither my drafts nor published, as far as I can see… gone without trace, and yet I know it was published, as I saw it displayed on a friend’s phone. Things are not helped by our stories being listed in some mystery order, when we look through the lists, rather than by date. I can’t recreate the story, but the general message of it, with some screenshots, was how to have a closer look at the COVID data on the Nextstrain Website, a really useful and informative data source, and to note that COVID 19 seems to have played out some time ago, and we are now onto COVID 20 and COVID 21, and yet, we see no new vaccines for these variants, still only COVID 19 is discussed in most media. That was also before the appearance of the Omikron strain. See my latest screenshot now below, and go and have a look at the excellent resource of the link in the image title for more information. Note Omikron is clearly there, it appeared there before being publicised on mainstream media, just like all other variants, they appear on the source data website below, first.