Amli, thanks for posting, incredibly valuable thoughts, in my book.

I agree with pretty much everything you’ve written here, bar one or two details. I believe Caity has covered Israel, for example.

I think you actually know what the root source of all the problems we see are.

Reason I say this is because of the piece you wrote, explaining what a light worker is.

In my opinion;

Nikola Tesla was also a light worker. If he’d had his way, there would have been no wars, no nuclear bombs, no nuclear power, and he, and folk like Einstein, would still be with us, and we would already perhaps be doing business with aliens.

Anyone figuring out in nature, there is no scarcity, due to the sun giving out all energy for free, therefore all things should be free, and working in any way towards that outcome, is a light worker.

All of the problems we have, practically every division that ever occurred between humans, is down to the colonial mindset of believing wealth has to be obtained from our fellow humans.

As a direct result, we have never aligned to work towards a common goal of humanity.

In trying to dissect the real roots of that in our human makeup, the question of aliens arises.

To me, there seems reasonable evidence we are a hybrid species, created by some higher intelligence.

Religions, and races, all seem to add up to there being many flavours of hybrids, created in the history of humans, by insertions of various genes at different times.

If you think about the ethics of that, even to us as we are now, it would be highly questionable for us to go to another “Virgin” living planet with living creatures on it which had evolved through entirely natural processes, and proceed to create hybrids by insertion of a few of our own genes, to gain something or another from that planet.

So if we are hybrids, chances are, we are probably illicit.

If this had actually happened, we would be something of an embarrasment to whichever alien species were involved.

They wouldn’t really know what to do with us, if we somehow got organised, aligning all of our variations towards a common goal of getting out there, to mix with them, their dirty secrets would be out.

That brings all kinds of possibilities to whatever interactions they might have had with us, since we started to look like we might get organised, I guess.

Let’s hope we are in the midst of getting organised, and not in the midst of self destruction.

Like you, I don’t believe the current space hype is anything more than another thinly veiled attempt by the latest in power, to gain more from their fellow humans.

For that to ever change, humanity has to drop the incredibly intellectually limiting, colonial profit seeking, war-mongering mindset.

Bring on the free money! (More on that in my feature story)

More power to your elbow in that good light work you are doing!


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