Amli, I like the things you write, thanks for posting, and… don’t stop!

My understanding as also a fan of Caitlin’s writings is that she is very real, from Australia. Hence her special interest in seeing fellow truth champion and countryman, Julian Assange, gets back home safe.

Apparently truth championing is a bit of an aussie tradition :)

Like you point out, there are a lot of truths in 1984.

Another interesting dystopian story is Aldous Huxley “A better World”, worth a read if you haven’t yet. It comes at dystopia from a different direction; corporate dystopia, as opposed to the government dystopia of Orwell. Same result in the end, but interestingly, in reality both seem to be happening at the same time. Perhaps the solution is to have them literally pitted against one another, as might even be happening within all of the countries of the world, who knows.

Personally I don’t believe dystopia will win, because there seems a growing number of us now “Seeing the light”.

Similarly, we approach seeing the light from different angles.

Yours, to me, seems far more spiritual than mine.

Mine was more technical, as an accomplished Engineer of many years, I came up against the grand-daddy of all Engineering problems, realising pretty much all of the problems of humanity seem bound up by the same fiendish issue, the profit monster, and our susbsequent circular, ultimately self consuming, zero-sum economy, devoid of the the true source of all energy, light, and wealth at its input, the sun.

Fix that, and we achieve some very surprising technical outcomes that are way beyond the imaginations of even the most talented Engineers still steeped in the fog of working in “slave” mode, despite people like Nikola Tesla seeing this exactly 120 years ago.

Neither your path nor mine, nor any other, is better than any other, I think, since we all meet at the same destination, but where we might lack in understanding the paths of others, we can learn from them.

I am pleased to learn a little more about spirituality from your posts.

On surveilance technology; a way I would suggest to think positively about it, is to imagine it put to use in a non profit way, for the benefit of humanity. We already saw it a little in some countries, in virus tracking for example.

Imagine facial recognition technology, for another example, used to reward us, our own individual selves, directly, for our own information in the form of involuntary facial expressions which truly indicate what things are valuable to humanity, and the world, and what things are not.

In that different world, a world of truly free money, with no motive for anyone to seek profit, there would also be no reason to fear others prying into our data, so we would have nothing to hide, and no reason to hide ourselves.

In that, we see a tiny glimpse of the possible future world of all people being properly rewarded as truly infinitely valuable, in the new world we seem to be headed for, after it is fully realised that it is time now for us to move on as a species, united at last, freed from the drive for profit.

We live in exciting times!


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