Alan, yes absolutely. Thanks for appreciating the article, I hope you won’t really have to read it 15 times :)

It could be done by creating a community token (a token representing your community of special project workers)

You could start with a token sale to raise revenue for the project of creating the value-adding community, and devise a scheme for token-rewarding community members for contracts completed within the community.

The revenue received for tokens in your sale would set the initial token price, thus an initial token value, and the projects carried out by the community would add value to the community, thus continuously pushing up the value of the tokens.

I think your idea sounds good, and would offer to help with your scheme, but am working on a general case of individual tokens for all players of a collaborative project based game, which could also turn out to suit your purpose, as this would provide you with everything you need to implement your scheme as a project within the game, “Straight out of the box”.

You could wait for that, though I can’t provide timescales yet, I am still pinning down the final requirements of the game, or you could leap straight in to creating your own token straight away.

I would recommend you check out the Ethereum “Getting started” website, you might be surprised to see how easy it is to get started.

I wish you the very best of luck in any case, your project sounds very cool, a real value-adder.


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