Agreed. This is a powerful post, but with an apparent spin, which is hopefully fully understood.

The thing that should be kept in mind is that “The struggle” can’t be won by violence, because violence would only be between different factions of the oppressed.

It is easiest to think of it like the gladiators in the days of the Romans.

The real oppressors were those at the “Top” of Roman society, who organised and enabled the violent blood games we all know about, by implementing and perpetuating a system of unsustainable debt.

They were cowards.

A tiny minority of cowards, who still rule by deception.

Their biggest fear is for their deception to be uncovered, because then, their game is done, and they no longer have power to deceive.

If the crowds of gladiators, spectators, “law” enforcement officers, and unfortunate victims had somehow dropped what they were doing as one, and pointed at the real oppressors, those cowards would have run from the amphitheatres screaming with their hands in the air, never to be heard of again, no violence needed.

That is how non-violence will win.


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