Addendum to my earlier response, I saw an interview this evening between Richard Stallman and Sophie Shevardnadze on the same subject. If folks haven’t heard of Richard Stallman before, he is a well known advocate of internet privacy, known in software circles for being the author of the GNU “GPU” software license, amongst other things.

Again it is great to see awareness being raised, but personally I felt a little frustration and disappointment he didn’t seem to distinguish any difference between profit seeking and non-profit networks, as far as he was concerned, all social media, and all Internet of Things (IOT) is bad.

Obviously in a profit seeking network (As most are), the network owners seek to profit from user data, thus all algorithms are designed and implemented for that purpose, and unfortunately, most profit is made when bad things happen to people. Thus the algos are learning how to maximise occurrence of those bad things.

Conversely, in a non-profit network, such as IOTA, upon which the VRENAR VR/AR social media concept design is based, there are no owners seeking to profit from it, it is up to the users what they want to do with their data, and all algos are user oriented.

Big Difference!


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