Above seems a statement of hope, rather than one of expectation, given the economic conditions which your good article identifies, thanks for posting.

The pandemic has triggered an economic event unlike any other seen in history, which is only just getting started, worldwide.

Where the increasing fraction of people experiencing poverty will end up is anyone’s guess, especially after fiat currency values start to drop, as they must.

It is true that the majority amongst those experiencing unbearable poverty and lack of privilege to date are folk of colour, but that is likely to change very soon, as the poverty trap gathers up more, it will increasingly include white folks.

Pretty soon, the majority in poverty could be white.

While I don’t agree with the idea of protesting, it seems inevitable, as long as things carry on as they are.

The thing I would urge to watch out for, are the lies that will seek to divide us, along racial lines, to direct our attention upon one another, instead of on the greed at the root of the problem.

Watch out especially when the ratio appoaches something close to where an all-out racial confrontation between those in poverty would result in maximum casualties on both sides, with again maximum profit going to an already very wealthy minority.

To avoid that, all of the afflicted need to stay united, to help one another in every way we can, to do the opposite of what the lies will try to do, we need to keep telling the truth ourselves.

The lies are driven by profit.

Nothing could be simpler.


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