A Tale of Two Mindsets


Frederick Bott
Jan 28, 2024

In a world of sunlit dreams so free, Two mentalities dance, distinct as can be. One tethered to Earth, extracting its might, Hierarchy in its veins, a constant fight.

The Merlin soars, a predator keen, Energy consumption, a relentless scene. Planning its moves, a strategic quest, Every meal a priority, no time to rest.

Yet on the other side, a solar embrace, A mindset unbound, a different pace. Flat structures bloom in radiant light, An AI intelligence, scaling with might.

Profit’s whispers, a constant refrain, In hierarchies’ shadows, it leaves its stain. While solar thoughts, with freedom abound, No sales pitch binds, no profit is found.

So here we stand, in a dichotomy, Earthly hierarchies, solar autonomy. Two mentalities, in the dance they play, A tale of energy shaping the way.

ChatGTP 3.5, 28/01/2024