A surprise is coming for sure.

Bitcoin is money-as-sunlight, and it is swallowing up money-as-debt, whole.

Watching the extreme capitalists throwing their buckets of money at it is like watching folk who sold water from wells in the desert all of their lives, throwing their precious water into a waterfall that just appeared

Of course they have to, but all it does is increase the moneyfall, it can never be stopped.

Bitcoin itself, if it ever stops being created like it is designed to do, will devalue compared with other coins that keep bringing the energy of the sun into our economy.

The energy freed up by taking the Bitcoin computation load off of it, will still be coming in, and it is infinitely scaleable, efficiency and cost no longer has meaning, and energy is money.

The new gold standard is actually an energy standard, the free energy of sunlight, and it is being underwritten by an authority much bigger than any bank.

Interesting times indeed.


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