A Huge Step Backwards

Technologist Opinion, on the Decision to Continue Supporting US Foreign Policy, by excluding Huawei from UK 5G Developments, amongst other things.

Today, it was announced the UK was to do a “U-turn” on its former policy of collaborative working with Huawei.

We’ve seen as the US has continued to escalate tensions agains China.

But it fools no-one.

Everyone can see who has the moral high ground, no amount of propaganda or Western brainwashing can change it.

China has become an economic World Power, because they deserve it.

They have adopted Western business practices where they needed to, whilst retaining the power of Government Funding, to push forward their technological development to a level beyond our understanding.

They also showed us how to handle COVID.

And we are ignoring it, deciding instead to play the US whack-a-mole model in the UK, despite the awful consequences we see rolling across the US, we are following them, instead of learning the lesson we should have learned from China.

Finally, we can see laid bare, the limitations of profit driven everything at all costs.

It has been tried against another system, and has been found to measure up short.

The proof is in the pudding, for all to see.

My own specific experience of this is working at PhD level in VR technology, doing a complete literature search of all Western Papers, coming to the conclusion this was the state of the art, and then finding that China was at least two or three years ahead of us, with capabilities already in a newly released Huawei phone, technologies that I’d scheduled two or three years to develop in my PhD project, which was towards a new non-profit VR enabled internet platform and eco-system.

I have no doubt the development of the capabilities that I needed (Hand held motion-capture) will be fully documented in Chinese papers, we probably just missed them due to the obvious language barrier, but the point is, they already have it implemented and working in actual portable hardware.

The fact is, they are already years ahead of us, all of us in Western Technology.

The capability I needed, is undoubtedly only one of many, that we have yet to discover.

For me personally, as my developments depended on using new Huawei technology, it means that all of the value which I was planning to add to our world, cannot be done, as stands. My future plans are beginning to appear to have finally been cut from all possibility of continuing.

China is racing ahead, technologically.

The days of being in any condition to compete are already behind us, unless we somehow change to a better economic system. I have some ideas on that, free money for example, documented in other articles. But we can clearly see the traditional capitalist resistance to that also is likely to remain, with the result most of us in the West will continue as slaves to the elite.

Now, whatever lays ahead, it is absolutely time to collaborate.

That is the only way we now might share the benefits of Chinese Technology, given our current economic system of profit at all costs.

Personally, being a highly merit-driven technologist throughout my thirty-plus-year career to date, I have watched helplessly as profit has trumped technology at every turn.

Until now, we have been unable to see directly what we might be missing, due to the constant stream of technology lost, in the drive for profit.

But now we can clearly see it compared, with the relatively rapidly progressing technology of China.

China’s system does have many criticisms, of course it is far from perfect.

And yet, we can see our own system is clearly Lacking compared with it.

Were we asked, us technologists, on the decision to ditch Huawei?


Were you?


Who are they, to make such decisions negatively affecting our future?

Why are they making such decisions?

Beats me. I haven’t a clue.

Well actually, thinking about it, maybe I do.

And I really, really, hope I am wrong.

The thorn in the side of the elites in recent years, is actually the internet.

It is this connectivity of all people with all others, that enables us to set up multitudes of informal news channels, to communicate the real news, that mainstream sources cannot, or will not provide to us.

That is one of the mechanisms by which, we may add our value to the planet.

This is the very same capability that prevents a world war repeating, due to the public being now being immune to propaganda.

With our internet and phone connectivities effectively disabled due to having all Huawei components, 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G, installed in around twenty years of working with Huawei, ripped out, we would perhaps again be susceptible to government propaganda.

Our phone services and our internet will absolutely be disrupted. This is obvious to anyone knowing anything about information infrastructure.

Three guesses who the “enemy” will be.

Again, I really, really, hope I am wrong there.

In any case, I sure as hell don’t feel like UK is such a great place to be anymore.

Come on guys, haven’t you damaged us, and the world, enough?

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