Could this be the answer to all of the problems?

  • Global Pollution / Environmental Problems
  • Global inequality
  • Global debt
  • Profit driven vaccines

2020 was a big year. But was it just the tip of an iceberg of change, to happen in 2021?


  • Solar energy reception / collection technologies
  • Direct solar powered manufacturing technologies
  • Solar powered reversible fuel generation, storage, transport, and utilisation technology, and hydrogen economy concepts.
  • Kardashev Economics including the concepts of Kardashev Money, and related proof-of-work concepts, as applicable to enabling a wholly solar powered humanity.
  • Money-fuel tree structural, seeding, and orchestration concepts applicable to optimal solar infrastructure roll-out with maximum speed, minimum pollution.
  • The concepts of first and secondhand energies and their relationships with economics, pollution generation, prevention, and rectification
  • Kardashev Systems Stakeholder analyses
  • In the case of Kardashev System Design Roles; General Systems Engineering, Modelling, and Simulation Techniques applicable to all of the above.

First attempt to put some honest numbers on a fair rate of Kardashev Money Stimulus


Currently Applicable Kardashev Stimulus

Frederick Bott


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