2nd Edition — Updated with Latest Information.

2nd Edition 15/05/2021

Above is an illustration of our journey as it might have appeared to Kardashev, if he had still been around now.

He is known for his characterisation of stages of civilisation.

Currently, we are somewhere between Kardashev 0.5, and Kardashev 1.0, in the age of Bitcoin creation.

Bitcoin appears to fit into this scenario of transition in a very surprising way.


When first introduced, Bitcoin was produced entirely from conventional secondhand power.

By that is meant power produced by energy extracted from Earth, which was put there in the first place by the sun, thus is secondhand…


2020 was a big year. But was it just the tip of an iceberg of change, to happen in 2021?

So 2020 was a big year.

The biggest in thousands of years, I would argue.

It wasn’t the best of experiences for most of us.

I saw many of my own “achievements” and ambitions dashed, by a chain of events no-one could have predicted.

And I know the same applies to the majority of people.

But do I feel bad?

No, I feel great.

Not because I had a minor unexpected upturn at the end of 2020, but because it looks to me like we are on the cusp of a real brave new world, one that really will put…


It worked, we created a brand new business from creating and selling vaccines, and we made a killing.

Now, covid appears to be on the way out, at least in the countries who could pay top dollar for protection, profit is starting to wane.

What next, how long will we need to wait for another virus gravy train to come along?

Did someone say they can make these things in a lab?

What are we waiting for?

Therapeutic Thoughts

Ever noticed how much more we know individually now than we used to?

The academic concrete mindset model of how people think, that I remember reading about somewhere as a teenager, and which I swore I would never conform to, seems to me to have been blown wide open.

It might have been mostly true back in those days, but it certainly isn’t now, and that is a very good thing.

In essence it claims we each go through an evolution of learning, until at some age our thoughts become effectively cemented in concrete, and we become incapable of learning…

Why does this sound so much like a google ai or something, scanning conversations for keywords like Bitcoin, understanding nothing about the actual conversation, but interjecting with a sales pitch?

“2017 Eclipse: Earth, Moon and Sun” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A message to Bitcoiners, on why you should not only be honest about, but proud of the massive power consumption of Bitcoin.

The problem with trying to argue down the power consumption of Bitcoin, compared with other things, is that sooner or later it has to dwarf all other things.

Just look at the algorithm to dispel any doubts. The amount of power needed to mint the final coins is huge, by anyone’s definition.

It might still be arguable now that the world banking system, or some other industry consumes more power than Bitcoin. But as time goes on, and Bitcoin becomes ever bigger, the power consumption of it keeps racing up, the argument will get more and more impossible.

Already it…

Sometimes, a word just doesn’t work.


What does that say to you?

For me, using it as my Bio Catchphrase was an interesting experiment.

It came about from some optimistic thoughts I was having around Xmas 2020.

2021, I thought, would be the year we finally plugged into the sun.

But at this moment, almost six months later, it seems further away than ever, as we seem to be sliding ever closer to war, an event which must not happen, and absolutely need not happen.

Another war, will absolutely end us as a species.

It seems to me that there are some forces at work…

“How to photograph a startrail” by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sorting out Some Dangerous Myths

We are seeing lately much coverage of some uncomfortable truths about the “Green”, and “Renewable” Energy industries.

The truth is coming out, that at best, they are simply sustaining the GEP (Grand Energy Ponzi).

The GEP, is a concept that becomes apparent when we realise that almost all energy used by humans to date, is from stored energy resources on Earth.

Of course it can’t last forever. Using it is becoming progressively more harmful to all life on Earth, including us, and yet all of our known civilisations to date have been built on it.

Every human participates mostly unwittingly…


They didn’t choose what people could say, or not say, but they could, and did decide who was to hear.

They cancelled the ex president, a buffoon, but a man who knew how to expose the characteristic of profit destroying humanity, by extravagent displays of greed in his own behaviour.

And they cancelled anyone warning of the characteristic of profit destroying all humanity and all life.

Worse, they even cancelled those who spotted the solution, the only solution to the problem, the undoing of the ways of profit by the energy of the sun, even expert systems Engineers, experienced and…

By The original uploader was Mgreason at English Wikipedia. — Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=67236353

The greatest Ponzi of all time is bigger than most of us can imagine, and involves more than just money.

Updated 02/05/2021

The news of Bernie Madoff’s recent passing brings us to thinking about the strange nature of Ponzi schemes.

Is a Ponzi only a Ponzi when the founder(s), and those taking part know beforehand that the scheme is unsustainable?

I would say not.

I absolutely hope not.

Otherwise we are all guilty of taking part in the biggest Ponzi ever.

There seems many activities which begin purely as something simple which provides gain to someone or another, without anyone realising that ultimately, the activity is unsustainable.

Like the first tree cut down and sold for profit, for example.


Frederick Bott


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