The door might be opening to an incredibly bright future.

Above is an illustration of our journey as it might have appeared to Kardashev, if he had still been around now.

He is known for his characterisation of stages of civilisation.

Currently, we are somewhere between Kardashev 0.5, and Kardashev 1.0, in the age of Bitcoin creation.

Bitcoin appears to fit into this scenario of transition in a very surprising way.


When first introduced, Bitcoin was produced entirely from conventional secondhand power.

By that is meant power produced by energy extracted from Earth, which was put there in the first place by the sun, thus is secondhand, compared with energy…

2020 was a big year. But was it just the tip of an iceberg of change, to happen in 2021?

So 2020 was a big year.

The biggest in thousands of years, I would argue.

It wasn’t the best of experiences for most of us.

I saw many of my own “achievements” and ambitions dashed, by a chain of events no-one could have predicted.

And I know the same applies to the majority of people.

But do I feel bad?

No, I feel great.

Not because I had a minor unexpected upturn at the end of 2020, but because it looks to me like we are on the cusp of a real brave new world, one that really will put…


They didn’t choose what people could say, or not say, but they could, and did decide who was to hear.

They cancelled the ex president, a buffoon, but a man who knew how to expose the characteristic of profit destroying humanity, by extravagent displays of greed in his own behaviour.

And they cancelled anyone warning of the characteristic of profit destroying all humanity and all life.

Worse, they even cancelled those who spotted the solution, the only solution to the problem, the undoing of the ways of profit by the energy of the sun, even expert systems Engineers, experienced and…

By The original uploader was Mgreason at English Wikipedia. — Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,

The greatest Ponzi of all time is bigger than most of us can imagine, and involves more than just money.

Updated 02/05/2021

The news of Bernie Madoff’s recent passing brings us to thinking about the strange nature of Ponzi schemes.

Is a Ponzi only a Ponzi when the founder(s), and those taking part know beforehand that the scheme is unsustainable?

I would say not.

I absolutely hope not.

Otherwise we are all guilty of taking part in the biggest Ponzi ever.

There seems many activities which begin purely as something simple which provides gain to someone or another, without anyone realising that ultimately, the activity is unsustainable.

Like the first tree cut down and sold for profit, for example.


Something new that we need to get used to doing, in order to survive as a Species – opinion.

Those who’ve read my piece on the Bitcoin Kardashev Hinge, will either think I am barking mad, or maybe some kind of visionary.

I don’t feel like either of those at all, just an ordinary human, who’s path of lifelong curiosity has led to where I’m at, and I trust I am far from being the only one.

It is far from a certainty that things will turn out the way I’ve written. I hope they will, but as always, we are in control of our destiny as a species, everything depends on us making the right choice, we can…

“Mourning” by Pursuit.Photography is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If mainstream news has any power left at all, it might be to drag down the conventional science establishment along with it.

We saw in the “business news” of BBC, (Also tagged “Environment”), a story repeating the illogical accusation that Bitcoin, rather than being an unsung hero of our environment, is somehow a threat to it.

“The study was written by academics from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Cornell University and the University of Surrey. It was published by the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications.” — BBC

This was the closest we got to an actual reference link to an original article.

So as yet, I can’t find it, buried amongst the myriad of other rags quoting the…

Francesco thanks for your reply. I agree it seems unlikely to happen, but... it has to.

There maybe is a critical mass of knowledge that needs to be achieved, which leads to a kind of landslide. After that, we will see adoption at a rate never seen before in history, when the utility of it is realised.

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There might have been before, but not any longer.

“Where’s my money?”

That phrase has hit headlines a lot lately, with various arguments from the old establishment why it is wrong, if the money seemingly has to come from nowhere.

But, in the last ten years or so alone, a phenomenon of real, scientifically provable free money, is being donated to Earth from an extraterrestrial source, money-as-sunlight, which is even more valuable than any of the old money-as-debt.

And it is being wound into the world economy.

Economists have yet to adjust their sums to account for it, but it is absolutely there.

You see, energy is money, is…

Recognising it, and dealing with it.

Ever woke up, feeling normal, until a memory of some awful thing you wished you could forget is happening, hits you in the pit of the stomach, like you just fell out of a plane?

That, is a more extreme example of living in fear.

It is the kind of fear we might have, if we believe we are to die, soon.

Kids can have it, if they know they have upset some violent bully, and word arrives on the grapevine “So-and-so is going to kill you”, we wake up day after day wondering if today will be “It”.


It’s profit. If we had a vaccine for that, all other things would be solved.

And it is there, the anti-profit vaccine.

Its called the sun.

We just need to take it.

To realise that there is no need for scarcity.

There hasn’t been, since we’ve had the technology to take the immense power of the sun, and start to use it as our infintely scaleable free power source.

But we are blinded by profit.

Why do we have immense areas of seemingly useless, uninhabited desert areas on Earth?

Why don’t we see that those areas are screaming at us to become the solar power collectors of humanity?

That was the real mistake made by…

Frederick Bott


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