100% Solar Power, or Oblivion?

The simple life or death question faced by humanity.

Firstly, a statement of the obvious; our world economy to date is based on a closed system.

That is the concept that all things are scarce and must be rationed, exchanged only for something in return from recipients, the “Zero-sum” economy.

In other words, the idea that we have a finite “pot” of planetary wealth amongst us, distributed by “market forces”, profit, and “Interest”.

That economy does not acknowledge any external source of wealth or enrichment.

And yet the sun is the true source of the enrichment of everything we know, and even the creation of all things. It’s action is ongoing, every day.

That is not religion, but simple, indisputable, scientific fact.

The closed, zero-sum economy is what makes extraction of energy from our planet profitable.

Hence the reason we do that, with all of its harmful side effects, largely in ignorance of the real and only alternative, solar power.

It is also the reason we’ve practiced colonialism and slavery throughout our profit driven history, and the reason for pretty much every argument that can be imagined between humans.

The brutal truth is, we’ve fought over resources perceived to be finite, forever.

And now we are seeing a rising mass of people who are losing conventionally paid “Employments”, now that industry, governments, and banks have capitalised themselves into the biggest, most aggressive, monopolies, ruthlessly competing to be more efficient, towards automating all human labour out of the system.

Further, as more and more services and systems vital to humans become less able to extract profit, such as healthcare, and even the internet, those things are being removed also.

That “progression” was inevitable, with nothing changed, we see a growing mass of people who cannot continue to contribute profitably to the system.

In other words, the vast majority of us are becoming surplus to requirements.

But that doesn’t make any of us less valuable. Quite the opposite in fact, we realise the greatest value to humanity when we are free to create whatever we choose to create, with no-one to direct our thoughts.

I say this as an aerospace Systems Engineer of more than twenty years experience at senior levels.

I am at the height of my creative and technical ability, and yet I am already effectively redundant, in the schema as stands.

Unless that is, we have a war.

Then, sudddenly, I am useful again, no longer surplus to requirements.

But we all know where that will lead, the inevitable ultimate conclusion of nuclear armageddon, on top of the environmental damage already done!

Should it be like that?

Of course not.

In my own case, I was working on a technical virtual reality idea I could see would be hugely beneficial to humanity, funding my research at PhD level, until I could no longer humanly continue to earn, so it stopped.

The research led me to the conclusion that the real virtuality benefit cannot be delivered at profit in any case, so my work had already hit double end stops by the time Covid arrived.

The truth is, anything delivering real benefit to all of humanity equally, anything that equally enhances the potential value of all humans, cannot generate profit by definition.

But my research continues in a way, expressed in Medium. I still have the same goal, to deliver that non-profit virtual reality technology of real human benefit, but my only remaining path of pursuit, is by pursuing a fix for the problem of all things profit driven.

That is by seeking to slay the profit monster.

Now, with the apparent toppling of Mr Trump, we’ve maybe reached the point where it needs to be talked about; we have a very simple choice:

To pursue 100% solar power, or to resign ourselves to much more war, mass culling of our population, and eventually, armageddon.

We’ve spent forever extracting and living on energy from our planet, which was put there for free by the sun.

That planetary energy is now being heavily taxed, by the still growing human population.

Our planet is complaining about that burden by way of various planetary mini-disasters, increasing in frequency and magnitude, to which we all fall victims. Increasing numbers of humans are also dying in various wars and terrorism, and the side effects of those incuding mass starvation.

If nothing is changed, our planet will soon be environmentally bankrupt.

Yet it can be put right very simply, right now, by all human debts being commuted to the real, actual creditor, our planet, with the deficit to be paid back exclusively by solar energy, the only energy source that is effectively infinitely scaleable, endless, free, and external.

And since its energy is fully interchangeable with matter, and currency, there is no reason why we cannot do it in a very deliberate way, accounting for the true source of all wealth, and all things, down to the last penny, cent, satoshi, KWh, ounce, or whatever.

So the choice remains, regardless of who are our “leaders”.

What do we choose.

100% solar energy, or oblivion?


After now more than a week since writing the above simple summary of the life or death question faced by all of humanity, there is no evidence anyone has seen or read it.

In truth, I’ve seen the popularity of my stories decline, the closer I’ve got to isolating the true culprit of all of the problems we see.

This simple summary of how routinely to end the profit monster with its only antidote looks like my least popular ever.

This is also the single unarguable justification of solar energy over all other forms, the argument that puts all questions over the relative viability of solar energy vs other forms to sleep.

The argument to end all arguments is invisible, because if there are no longer any arguments, there is no longer any profit to be made.

I’ve deliberately avoided any secondary routes of promotion, such as twitter, partly to test this suspicion.

If things turn around, great, the platform may be coming around to a non profit future, the only possible future, in fact.

Maybe I will try to stir things up a little with things like Twitter, who knows.

In the meantime I enjoy a perversely delicious irony; humanity appears disinterested in knowing how it must be saved, because there is no profit in it.




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