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2020 was a big year. But was it just the tip of an iceberg of change, to happen in 2021?

So 2020 was a big year.

The biggest in thousands of years, I would argue.

It wasn’t the best of experiences for most of us.

I saw many of my own “achievements” and ambitions dashed, by a chain of events no-one could have predicted.

And I know the same applies to the majority of people.

But do I feel bad?

No, I feel great.

Not because I had a minor unexpected upturn at the end of 2020, but because it looks to me like we are on the cusp of a real brave new world, one that really will put…

Recognising it, and dealing with it.

Ever woke up, feeling normal, until a memory of some awful thing you wished you could forget is happening, hits you in the pit of the stomach, like you just fell out of a plane?

That, is a more extreme example of living in fear.

It is the kind of fear we might have, if we believe we are to die, soon.

Kids can have it, if they know they have upset some violent bully, and word arrives on the grapevine “So-and-so is going to kill you”, we wake up day after day wondering if today will be “It”.


It’s profit. If we had a vaccine for that, all other things would be solved.

And it is there, the anti-profit vaccine.

Its called the sun.

We just need to take it.

To realise that there is no need for scarcity.

There hasn’t been, since we’ve had the technology to take the immense power of the sun, and start to use it as our infintely scaleable free power source.

But we are blinded by profit.

Why do we have immense areas of seemingly useless, uninhabited desert areas on Earth?

Why don’t we see that those areas are screaming at us to become the solar power collectors of humanity?

That was the real mistake made by…

Thought for the day

Money-as-energy is nothing new.

It is nowehere near as old as money-as-gold, or money-as-labour, or money-as-debt, but we’ve had it in addition to those, since we started to dig energy from the Earth.

Still, in whichever form, money remains something scarce, something to be coveted, something to earn, beg, borrow, or steal, to save for a rainy day.

But when we take energy from sunlight, converting that first to work, and then to money, it becomes something free, not so scarce.


That is something new.

And yet it continues to have value, because it is still directly convertible to…

The real revolution that is underway

You might be happy that as covered by previous stories, solar power is on the way in, through the back door, via Bitcoin.

I certainly am.

If you aren’t, then you should be, really. This is great news for absolutely everyone.

At least everyone still alive.

The full extent of it seems to be still mostly way beyond most investors.

Only those investing with full knowledge that they are investing towards the end of all requirements and thus all advantages of investing, are aware.

Bitcoin is eating up money-as-debt, exchanging that for real money-as-labour.

The thing to note is that…

Analysing a little of the logic of Nikola Tesla

Probably the most famous public artifact of Nikola Tesla is his paper on human efficiency.

Interested folks can quickly find it on Google. It was published in 1900, 120 years ago.

In there, we see some incredible equations of human efficiency, with physical things in nature.

Nikola never talked much about the economy, at least not in public, yet that is something integral to human efficiency.

If his vision of free power for all people had been realised, the economy would absolutely have been changed, from one of controlled scarcity, to one of infinite stimulus.

Infinite stimulus becomes possible, and…

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Documentary appraisal, with analysis and conclusion on how it relates to modern life for most people.

The documentary, “Survivor’s guide to prison”, shows the main problems of profit driven prisons.

It is available at charge from Youtube, or for free on RT (At least it is right now in UK).

I won’t provide a link to the latter, in the interests of preserving all possibilities of this story being read.

The documentary gives an incisive view how the prison system in the US works.

The prisons in US are profit driven.

The prisons in UK are also becoming profit driven, as has to happen, in the system of all things for profit.

Some notable points…

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Non-profit critical thinking, on the subject of Covid Vaccines

“Vaccine Protectionism”

Does that term appear like a red flag to you?

If not, it should, in my humble opinion.

We can’t fail to realise that the ideal outcome of a profit driven vaccine is the same as that of any other profit driven drug.

Rather than cure the illness, it is more profitable to manage it.

I watched my own mother’s “Mental illness” being managed throughout her life in my fifty odd years memory of it, by just such drugs.

The US lost nearly 71,000 lives last year due to overdose. Most of those were due to prescription drugs.

Name given by unknown follower

Medium, I trust you will remove petty menaces such as this one:

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How to recognise it; what it looks like, and sounds like.

So, we all know now, how to eliminate scarcity.

Have the “Authorities” assign all current and future human debt to be paid by appropriate solar power infrastructure, turn on the money taps, and leave them on.

We know this because what the sun supplies is interchangeable with money, information, energy, and matter, and solar infrastructure is effectively infinitely scaleable, since it funds itself, the wealth from it is effectively infinite and endless, whilst removing our environmental burden from the planet.

Though it took me personally about six years, including PhD candidate study, to realise this was the answer to pretty…

Frederick Bott


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